Tips for Making Your Indoor Flowers Last Longer

ID-10053511Are you trying to keep your cut flowers lasting long and looking beautiful? Here are the best tips for making your arrangements perfect for as long as possible, with a minimal amount of work.

Trim the Right Way…

You may have heard about trimming flowers to last longer in the vase, and this is definitely true. Take a pair of very sharp shears or a knife and cut the end of the stem at a 45-degree angle before putting the flowers in a very clean vase filled with clean water. This type of cut makes sure that as much of the steam-end as possible is exposed to the water, which makes it easier for the flower to get water and nutrients, especially compared to a flat cut. It’s best to cut as soon as you are ready to position flowers, not before.

…And Keep on Trimming

The end of the steam can begin to die off and grow stiff and old quite quickly in many flowers. This makes it very difficult for flowers to survive over a long period of time. The best response is to keep on cutting; if you are heavily invested in keeping flowers fresh, make another 45-degree cut every day. You don’t need to cut much off at all, just enough to expose fresh stem material to the water.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Flowers can be easily damage by direct sunlight even when growing outside, and the same is certainly true when cut and indoors. While that window frame may be just the perfect spot, know that flowers will fade faster in the sunlight. The same is absolutely true if you put flowers too close to the heater or fireplace. Even a nearby air-conditioner can damage them. Flowers thrive best in an inert environment where they aren’t getting blasted by any elements.

Use Additives Carefully

There are a lot – whole lot – of tips on what to mix with your water to keep cut flowers lasting longer. Vinegar and sugar, bleach, some crushed aspirin, metal additives, and more are all recommended. There’s some evidence that all these work about the same, and none of them make very much difference, no matter what amateur flower enthusiasts may swear by. If you do use additives, try to use them sparingly to avoid choking your flowers.

Go the Professional Route

When you feel the need to use additives, try to use professional materials – the flower food that florists use to keep their flowers alive as long as possible. This has the best chance of working out best for you and your flowers.

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