The Top Seven House Plants that Love Low Light

Zamioculcas_zamiifolia_bluete3Do you have a dark interior space where plants don’t thrive?  You may have the wrong plants.  While most plants prefer bright, filtered light, there are some that do well in low light conditions.  Let’s take a look at seven of them.

1. ZZ Plant – Zamioculcas

Although the ZZ plant is a relative of the peace lily, you’d never know it by looking at it.  This one has leaves so glossy they look as though they’ve been dressed with a leaf shine product.  It has recently gained popularity recently for its unusual, rather tropical look.  This one is a slow grower.  Although most plants grow to two to three feet in height, they can grow taller (and faster) with moderate light.

2. Cast Iron Plant – Aspidistra

Here’s a broad-leafed beauty that will almost grow in the dark.  Instead of a central stem, each blade like leaf grows directly from the soil.

3. Madagascar Dragon Tree – Dracaena

This type of dracaena has a woody stem that gives way to a ponytail like collection of green, spiky leaves.  It’s slow growing and forgiving of negligent care.  To guide the plant to grow straight and tall, prune the shoots that emerge from the trunk.  At maturity, it’s quite a dramatic, architectural accent.

4. Button Fern – Pellaea

While most ferns prefer medium to bright, filtered light to thrive—and the button fern can accept more light—it is also a low light champ.  And it’s one of the most drought tolerant ferns; it doesn’t require a daily misting.  The roundish leaves are dark green and the fronds will eventually cascade.

5. Golden Pathos – Epipremnum

This type of ivy is so easy going that it can survive in a container of water. The medium green teardrop-shaped leaves are bordered in golden yellow. Its trailing nature lends itself to hanging pots.

6. Spider Plant – Chlorophytum

The spider plant is a true indicator of a low light plant: the leaves of this plant will turn brown if given too much light, so don’t let light from a nearby sunny window fall directly it. It’s also pretty forgiving if you skip a day on your watering schedule. The plant sends out spines from which a burst of smaller green leaves will sprout, making it perfect for a hanging pot.

7. Mother In Laws Tongue – Sansevieria

Another proof point for a low light loving plant is their use by professional plant services in office building lobbies.  The sleek lines of this dramatic plant is often accentuated in tall, slender pots, maintained by office plant service companies.

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Featured image credit: By Michelangelo76 (Sony Ericsson K750i) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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