I was VERY pleased with your product. The grass came up in places that I could not get grass to grow. I’ve tried transplanting grass and have tried all kind of grass seed. It came up in the time you said it would, and it stayed green all winter long. I plan to purchase more and have told people about this great grass. I’m so happy I responded to your advertisement!

W. R.

Thanks to Hydro Mousse, seed and fertilizer we were able to turn a dirt patch in the back yard of a house we rent into a lush and beautiful lawn. I probably have 100 square feet or less that I covered in Hydro Mousse and it took 3-4 Mousse kits to cover the entire space. I recommend it to all of my not-so-green thumb friends because it works and it is easy to use.

S. R.

I saw the Hydro Mousse advertisement on television. I thought it might be too good to be true. I live in the Dallas, Texas area and a healthy lawn is almost impossible here. I took the leap of faith, ordered the kit and am still amazed how well it works and what a beautiful backyard I have now as a result of Hydro Mousse.

H. K.

Actually, I was very skeptical about ordering and using the product…Hydro Mousse….I figured it was just a bunch of hype to get you to spend your money. Boy was I wrong…..it turned out to be everything they indicated. I know I will be ordering again in the near future. Thank you Hydro Mousse!! 🙂

V. J.

I used Hydro Mousse in the fall on a section of lawn where I removed a garden. I seeded the area first, then used the Hydro Mousse mixture as a topping and did not use hay to protect the area. The lawn grew in fully and quickly. I will use Hydro Mousse again this year.

T. D.

It seemed too easy – but it worked great! We used it last year, and this year, almost every area we used it on has filled in. We had a mess to deal with, and were certain re-sodding was 100% needed. It wasn’t! We are good to go! Lush lawn this year now! THANK YOU!

R. R.