Indoor Plants: How to Grow a Low Maintenance Air Plant

ID-100130557If you want a super low-maintenance indoor plant, check out an air plant, also known as tillandsia (“tuh-LAND-zee-uh”).  It’s part of the bromeliad family, and requires even less attention than those exotic plants.  Tillandsia has the added advantage of an eye catching, otherworldly appearance.  There are more than 500 varieties, and some have brilliant yellow, red, or pink blooms. Read more

Tips for Making Your Indoor Flowers Last Longer

ID-10053511Are you trying to keep your cut flowers lasting long and looking beautiful? Here are the best tips for making your arrangements perfect for as long as possible, with a minimal amount of work.

Trim the Right Way…

You may have heard about trimming flowers to last longer in the vase, and this is definitely true. Take a pair of very sharp shears or a knife and cut the end of the stem at a 45-degree angle before putting the flowers in a very clean vase filled with clean water. This type of cut makes sure that as much of the steam-end as possible is exposed to the water, which makes it easier for the flower to get water and nutrients, especially compared to a flat cut. It’s best to cut as soon as you are ready to position flowers, not before. Read more