The Top Seven House Plants that Love Low Light

Zamioculcas_zamiifolia_bluete3Do you have a dark interior space where plants don’t thrive?  You may have the wrong plants.  While most plants prefer bright, filtered light, there are some that do well in low light conditions.  Let’s take a look at seven of them.

1. ZZ Plant – Zamioculcas

Although the ZZ plant is a relative of the peace lily, you’d never know it by looking at it.  This one has leaves so glossy they look as though they’ve been dressed with a leaf shine product.  It has recently gained popularity recently for its unusual, rather tropical look.  This one is a slow grower.  Although most plants grow to two to three feet in height, they can grow taller (and faster) with moderate light. Read more

Indoor Plants: How to Grow a Low Maintenance Air Plant

ID-100130557If you want a super low-maintenance indoor plant, check out an air plant, also known as tillandsia (“tuh-LAND-zee-uh”).  It’s part of the bromeliad family, and requires even less attention than those exotic plants.  Tillandsia has the added advantage of an eye catching, otherworldly appearance.  There are more than 500 varieties, and some have brilliant yellow, red, or pink blooms. Read more