Lawn Care 101: How to Become a Lawn Mowing Pro!

ID-10022284Mowing a lawn is seen as a basic, everybody-can-do-it task in lawn care – no knowledge or skill required. But some people may be hesitant to ask about the details.

So we’ll make it easy for you. Here are tips on the best ways to mow your lawn.

Why Mow?

A mowed lawn can be a thing of beauty, especially to the person who just cut the grass. Aside from making your yard look beautiful, there are real benefits to your grass. Routine mowing helps to cultivate a new growth and a hearty root system. It keeps weeds from taking root. It limits pests and diseases. And it helps lawns to better endure drought.

How Often to Mow?

In the spring, mow once or twice a week. Summer’s heat stresses lawns, so mow as needed, up to three times a week. But skip the chore when it’s especially dry. Your fall schedule should mirror spring: once or twice a week. If winter conditions allow you to mow at all, once a week should be often enough.

How Much to Mow?

The concept of cutting the grass shorter means cutting less frequently doesn’t hold up. That’s because grass renews itself more quickly than you think, especially if you’ve filled those bald spots with Hydro Mousse. And a short trim stresses the grass, especially in drought conditions.

In fact, leaving grass taller promotes stronger roots. Cutting only the top third of the grass gives more shade to the ground and helps it retain moisture. So raise the mower deck to the highest possible setting and help your lawn stay healthy.

How to Make Your Lawn Look Even Better

Just about anyone who mows a lawn prefers a particular cutting pattern for the process. Here are the most popular options:

The simplest pattern, the square (depending upon the shape of your yard) starts with making a pass along the outer edge, and then a second pass just inside the first. Then starting at one end, go back and forth in even lines. Use the extra space in the outside border to make your turns, to keep the lawn even.

For a diagonal cut, make the same double pass along the outside border, and then mow back and forth in diagonal lines, one beside the other. Want your neighbor to envy your mowing technique and result? Opt for this one, because it’s a bit more unusual.

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