How to Rejuvenate Your Lawn with Bark Mulch

ID-10042372A lot of people have spots on their lawns, due to the weather, their pets, and everyday wear and tear that come from people walking over it. While you are fixing your lawn, you can also use the opportunity to improve the appearance of your lawn, by planting flowers and trees. If you are interested in doing so, it is important that you remember to use mulch, preferably bark mulch.

Advantages of Bark Mulch

It decorates the base of your plants: When bark mulch is properly spread around the base of your plants, it covers up the soil, stones, weeds, and anything else that makes the base of the plants look ugly, giving your garden a beautiful and uniform look.

It attracts worms and improves the soil in the process: A lot of people might not be fond of worms when it comes to gardening, because they can damage plants. But worms, specifically earthworms, have their benefits when it comes to helping plants grow. They provide nutrients, better drainage, and more stable soil structure through their activity.

It protects young roots from the fluctuations of the soil temperature: When new plants don’t have the protection of bark mulch, the heat from the sun increases the soil temperature, which is very harmful to young roots, because they are still growing and aren’t as strong as older roots. This can effectively kill the plant. The bark mulch protects the roots by adding an extra layer of protection and can absorb most of the heat from the sun.

Disadvantages of Bark Mulch

It can deplete the soil of nitrogen: Bark mulch is usually low in nitrogen, so when they are put in the soil, the microorganisms in them use the nitrogen in the soil as a source of food. But, once the mulch starts to decay, the microorganisms in them die, and the nitrogen is returned to the soil.

It harbors pests like snails: One of the benefits and disadvantages of using bark mulch, is that it retains a lot of moisture. The moisture is great for the plants that the mulch is being used on, but it is also a magnet for snails and slugs, who lay a lot of eggs due to the moisture, and can become a big nuisance.

It makes it difficult to apply Hydro Mousse: Because the mulch provides a layer of protection for the soil, it can become difficult to apply Hydro Mousse to your plants, because it will require you to remove the mulch, apply the product, and then put the mulch back. Your best option here is to apply Hydro Mousse before putting in the mulch in the first place.

How, Where, and Why to Use Bark Mulch

Bark mulch is great for planting trees and flowers, because it helps the soil retain moisture, and also suppresses weeds, which can be a nuisance when trying to grow plants. While bark mulch is great for helping your plants grow, it is important that you apply it correctly. Some people make the mistake of building a volcano type of mound around the base of the tree, but that is not a good idea, because it keeps the tree’s bark moist all the time, which basically invites insects and diseases. The right way to apply it is evenly around the base of the tree or flower, and make sure it is not thicker than 3-5 inches.

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