Hazard Solutions & Tips for Maintaining a Perfect Lawn

ID-100217959Your lawn is the forefront of your home and the carpet of your backyard, and it’s understandable that you want it to be as fresh and as green as possible. Nothing hinders your picturesque yard more than brown spots or splotchy areas. With these quick and simple tips for maintaining a lawn, you will always have a yard worth showing off!

Reducing Dog Spots and Other Pet Problems

Dog urine can wreak havoc on your lawn, and these dog spots are instantly noticeable to guests. Dogs often have an area that they enjoy relieving themselves in, yet they also like to change it up every now and then which can quickly turn your lawn into a brown and dry mess. While dogs and other pets will have to relieve themselves eventually, you can minimize the damage by:

  • Training them to go in one area to reduce the overall damage.
  • Increasing their water intake to minimize the damage.
  • Taking them on walks so that you can pick up and dispose of their waste elsewhere.

Pests, Not Pets

Some of the most destructive lawn damage is caused by pests and not pets. Moles are the infamous creatures that burrow under lawns and cause havoc upon emerging. However, the vole is a similar creature that can eat and tear up large portions of your lawn on the surface. While it may look like a mouse, the vole is a certified lawn-destroying machine that will tear away your foundation quickly if left untreated.

Depending upon how many pests are on your lawn, your options range from:

  • A pest trap picked up at the local store.
  • An exterminator for more widespread problems.
  • Natural solutions to repel but not harm the pests.

Nasty Weather and Nastier Lawns

Bad weather will indiscriminately harm your lawn, and unfortunately there’s not much you can do about it. Frost, hail, droughts, and excessive heat can all wither away your lawn, and in instances like these, your best course of action is treatment after the damage has occurred. While you can always water more during the hot summer months, protecting against a blizzard is a futile game.

To help your lawn quickly and safely gain back its natural composure, you can use Hydro Mousse to recover the affected areas. Its grass seeds are perfect for any climate and are entirely safe for humans and animals alike. Don’t let your lawn be destroyed by nature, pests, or pets. With Hydro Mousse, you can always have the lawn of your dreams!

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